Next-Gen Acoustic Wave Fire Suppression

Unlimited Fire Suppression Without Water Damage, Dangerous Chemicals, or Mess.

A Game-Changer in Fire Suppression Tech; from Wildfires to Infrastructure

No one should feel helpless in the face of fire.

Imagine a future where wildfires are controlled before they become infernos. Where homes are shielded from embers, and high-value assets protected without harmful chemicals. With Sonic Fire Tech, we’re closer than ever to a sustainable means of protecting our homes, businesses, and environment.

Existing fire suppression methods are like throwing water at a hurricane. They’re ineffective, damaging, and ultimately unsustainable. Chemicals harm ecosystems, water drains precious resources, and both leave devastation in their wake.

Join the fight against wildfires and invest in a better way to fight fire.

“Sonic Fire Tech is the kind of disruptive fire suppression technology we’ve been seeking. It complements Detectium’s solution for controlling detected and localized fires, enhancing our value proposition for the high-value asset customers we aim to protect with our digital twin- and AI-powered solution. We couldn’t be more excited at the potential to collaborate with Sonic Fire Tech and bring this critical technology to market.”

Siavash Khajavi – CEO of Detectium

Protecting Home and Business Assets—Sustainably

As the annual cost of rebuilding after wildfires continues to grow, so does the cost of building and maintaining a suppressant system. Until now, even with the right system and insurance in place, the best you could hope for is as little damage to your assets after they’ve been flooded or sprayed with harmful chemicals. Together with a team of NASA-trained engineers, Sonic Fire Tech was born—a sonic-acoustic fire suppressant that preserves your future and assets from fires before they even start.

Don’t let fire engulf your life.

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