Next-Gen Acoustic Wave Fire Suppression

Fire Suppression Without Water Damage, Dangerous Chemicals, or Mess.

A Game-Changer in Fire Suppression Tech; from Wildfires to Infrastructure

Imagine a reality where wildfires are suppressed before they become infernos, homes are shielded from embers, first responders shave minutes off of response times, kitchen fires are suppressed with no mess, and electrical fires are stopped instantly with no damage done to critical systems. Helping fire departments, businesses, and everyday people impacted by fire, make this vision a reality is at the core of why Sonic Fire Tech exists. Together, we have the potential to save countless lives and billions of dollars in infrastructure damage often caused by other fire suppression solutions.

A Rapidly Changing Problem...

Today’s fires are more complicated than ever and current fire suppression methods aren’t getting the job done. Water is damaging, hard to scale and drains precious resources. PFAS, the “forever chemicals” commonly used in fire suppressants, are ending up in water supplies and being banned for carcinogenic effects. Much of the time both do more damage than the actual fire.

...A Better way to solve it

Sonic Fire Tech’s patented acoustic wave suppression system uses silent infrasound waves to suppress wood and chemical fires at up to 10 meters.

Our products provide a unique uninterruptible solution that is safe, ecologically friendly, and spares assets from unnecessary damage or mess.

Our tech can be attached to drones to aid in the ultra-early wildfire suppression effort or built into high-value assets such as data centers or aerospace facilities where legacy fire suppression solutions aren’t practical.

Using Space Tech to Solve Earth Problems

The Sonic Fire Tech technology stack was inspired by advanced systems our CEO and Co-Founder developed during his time at NASA. Our technical team, supported by GhostWorks Engineering, consists of world renowned thought leaders with diverse technical backgrounds who have over a century of combined engineering experience, have filed more than 20 patents, and authored dozens of peer-reviewed publications.

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Sonic Fire Tech: Disrupting the Status Quo

Whether you’re an investor, business, fire servicemen, or citizen, you understand the importance of bringing innovation to market . . Sonic Fire Tech isn’t just another fire suppression solution it’s the evolution of fire suppression


No water, powders, or problematic “forever chemicals”—simply silent acoustic waves.


Built with space missions in mind that require no maintenance solutions. Our systems have a long shelf life and include a battery back-up so they are ready when you need it.


Our solution is adaptable to diverse applications, from remote wildfire suppression to home and commercial protection, offering immense growth opportunities.

Working with Sonic Fire Tech means investing in a better tomorrow. Secure your stake in a truly disruptive technology that is going to transform the world.

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Using Space Tech to Solve Earth Problems